Stock Repurchase

Ƶapp. offers stock buyback execution services under Rule 10b-18 to U.S. corporations.

Our professional staff works closely with the treasury team of our clients in the execution of their stock repurchase programs. Team members have a strong track record of experience in managing a variety of buyback programs, in terms of size and duration, for diverse clients in all market environments. This includes managing 10b5-1 trading plans over long engagement periods.

Our trading desk accesses a variety of market venues such as exchanges, ECNs and dark pools to source liquidity and meet best execution mandates. Traders utilize sophisticated electronic trading strategies that comply with the time, price and volume restrictions of Rule 10b-18. These trading strategies analyze trade quotes in real time to ensure compliance with issuer stock repurchases to provide “safe harbor” to corporations. We actively monitor trading performance in real time while analyzing company, sector and market news to optimize transactions. We provide a continuous stream of interval updates throughout the engagement period. This includes a midday update and a comprehensive end-of-day report. Information is distributed in an Excel format that highlights activity, along with a written text covering information on peers, markets and other relevant data covering the trading day.