Our goal is to consistently provide sound financial solutions. Our experience and expertise provide Ƶapp.’s representatives the resources required to tailor solutions to your investment needs and funding objectives.

At Ƶapp. (MBS), our goal is to empower our account representatives with the resources required to meet your investment and funding needs. MBS delivers quality service to meet the specific requirements of our customers by dedicating our resources exclusively to the fixed-income sector.

At MBS, you can expect personal service, including:

  • Face-to-face meetings with a dedicated account representative, who will focus on and provide solutions for your specific financial objectives.
  • Structuring your portfolio and risk management to enhance profitability while conforming to investment policy guidelines.
  • Convenient, online access to client-focused technology platforms.
  • Anticipating the information your examiners and auditors require by offering a comprehensive due diligence package.
  • Participating in industry organizations at both local and national levels to inform your account representative about the issues that affect you most.

MBS specializes in a broad selection of fixed-income investment products that allows you flexibility in choosing the options best suited to meet your particular needs. As an independent organization, you can be assured we provide the broad market visibility that your interests require. Learn more about MBS’s investing services .

MBS provides you with a variety of funding alternatives to satisfy your liquidity needs. Learn more about MBS’s funding services .

Portfolio Analysis
Our experienced Fixed-Income Analysis Department is available to evaluate your investment portfolio and provide a well-informed perspective at your request. This service will better equip you in charting your future investment strategies. Let us partner with you to help achieve the maximum potential of your investment portfolio. To utilize this valuable tool, contact your MBS account representative.

MBS is an approved underwriter for the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) through its ACCESS program, the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB) through their Diversity and Inclusion Program, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) through its Supplier Diversity Program, the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac) and the Federal Farm Credit Banks (FFCB).

We offer a proprietary online platform that equips customers to make more informed decisions in less time by providing an unbiased view of the bond and CD marketplace. The investing and funding platform is an aggregation of thousands of offerings from hundreds of broker-dealers. Users have the ability to select fixed-income products using many of the attributes associated to specific offers such as term, call structure, coupon type and yields. When shopping for CDs, the user is presented with additional filtering capabilities, such as financial attributes or the institution, ratings, state location and how interest is paid as they are related to the issuer. We also offer our proprietary FDIC insurance scrub, a technology that delivers a simple and reliable means of viewing CD offerings. Every inventory page is customized to you based on your insurance availability with each financial institution. Through multiple resources, our online technology actively monitors NCUA and FDIC acquisitions, failures and mergers, “scrubbing” out offerings that you already own.

Multi-Bank Securities Institute
The MBS Institute is an innovative new service available to institutional and public funds investors. The site is an educational resource designed to support investment professionals of all experience and skill levels, employing easy-to-read, online reference materials. The Institute’s featured topic is the Public Funds Investor Guide, which can be used by public treasurers, investment officers, finance officers, directors and investment committee members to help make well-informed investment decisions. Explore the site  – there is no cost to register.

Prime Brokerage Accounts
Prime Brokerage Accounts simplify the clearance and settlement of securities for the institutional investor. Essentially, it consists of three separate entities: an investor, one or more executing brokers and the prime broker. The investor is free to execute trades with any of their executing brokers, including, but not limited to the broker-dealer associated with the Prime Brokerage Account. Once a trade has occurred, the clearing firm performs back office duties such as receipt and delivery of fixed-income securities on their client’s behalf. Benefits include:

  • Single Settlement Location – When a trade is performed at any of your executing brokers, the settlement occurs at your MBS prime brokerage account. Positions pay interest and mature in this account, as well.
  • Quarterly Performance Reports – Access your portfolio’s performance with features such as tax-lot reporting, unrealized gains and losses, year-to-date realized gains and losses, performance measurement, cash flow projections, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s® ratings, next redemption dates, projected income and more.

Third-Party Safekeeping
We have chosen Pershing LLC (Pershing), a BNY Mellon company, as our safekeeping and clearing firm. Pershing, LLC fulfills third-party safekeeping requirements.*

*Check the safekeeping rules that apply at your institution.

One Consolidated Account Statement
One statement will generate all of your account activities, positions, balances, market values and more. This simplifies the amount of documentation into a comprehensive report for all of your investments.


Disclosure of Order Routing Practices (SEC RULE 606)

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